We offer your pet the best full service veterinary care in Mesa.

urgent care

You don’t have to worry if your pet gets sick, Mesa Northeast Animal Hospital is here to help.

wellness check ups

Routine preventative care for your pets can drastically improve their quality of life.


Keeping your pet up to date on all vaccines will help them fight off common illnesses.


If your pet gets lost, microchipping technology allows for you to easily find your pet with a permanent ID that can’t fall off.

dental cleanings

Whether your dog has bad breath or a more serious dental issue, our affordable and thorough cleanings help get to the root of the problem.


Acupuncture is an effective alternate treatment that is used to balance the body and help heal itself. It can be used for many common conditions such as inflammation, cancer, pain, and more.

laser therapy

Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can be used to promote healing and reduce pain.


Our spay and neuter services includes presurgical blood work, IV catheter & fluids, General anesthesia, and companion pet laser treatment on the incisions.

soft tissue surgery

Our surgery services include bladder, intestinal, mass removals, laceration repairs, etc.


  • “We love this hospital. They have cared for two of our service dogs from puppy to senior and the care is always top notch. They really care about their patients and do their best to make service affordable. We truly would never go anywhere else! Kudos, and sure glad you are here.”

    Cokey S.
    November, 2015

  • “The staff love their job and it is quite evident through how much they care about your pet(s). The best care received compared to everywhere else I have gone–for a great price, too. Our dog had a high risk surgery performed, and once we knew that he was OK, the staff shared the same relief we did.”

    Heather E.
    October, 2015

  • “Dr. Ainsworth is an excellent vet. I’ve been taking my Corgis to him for a few years now. He always gets me in quickly when I have an emergency and his fees are reasonable. My dogs absolutely love him too. The office is clean and well kept.”

    Anne T.
    May, 2015